ski & Climb boot by Arcteryx

The beginning was to find a solution to a problem of a niche group, the climbers who do approach with skis. but the new Procline boot seems to be a larger user’s boot. Federico Sbrissa, who is the Product Line Manager for Arcteryx, and his team create a cuff cut in half which offers a disengaged lateral movement (in addition to an impressive front- back movement of 50 ° / -25 °). with this it gains in comfort and ease to the skin up, especially on lateral slopes, very valuable thing for a large audience of skiers as well as for the “technical skier mountaineer”.

This is the bigger but not the only one innovation. full gaiter to be dry, a power strap to have better performances in skiing.

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Procline Carbon Lite 1190 gr, size 27.5

Procline Carbon Support 1260 gr, size 27.5 (Exact same shell, liner with more ski performance.)

Procline Men’s Lite 1190 gr, size 27.5 (Carbon infused cuff plastic, no fiber.)

Procline Men’s Support 1260 gr, size 27.5 (Infused cuff, liner with more ski performance.)

Procline Women Lite 1060 gr, size 25.5 (Carbon infused cuff plastic, no fiber, sizes from 23 to 27.5, exact same shell as “men’s” with a liner shaped for differences in women’s leg shapes.)

Procline Women Support, 1120 gr size 25.5 (Same as above with ski support liner.)