Talk Minus Action Equals Zero

I’m a big fan of Steve House (and D.O.A) quote “talk minus action equals zero”. I believe activities communication should be done when it have happened and not beforehere my thoughts about not to communicate on ongoing and future mountaineering projects:

1. to not put extra pressure at me. That could lead me to take a bad decision at some point, taking extra risk or keep pushing when isn’t safe anymore. That’s a pressure I love when racing but I will never forgive myself if I die because I had people “watching” me in some 4 and I want to have the freedom of decision taking with no extra pressure in this terrain. Here it enters also the Track living: I believe is a great tool for some projects, I had been using from my Pyrenees and Corsica crossing to the Bob Graham Round, in interesting projects in mountain I differ , I believe is great for non-risky projects but if the project inself carries a certain risk I preffer to have only one for my family, to not have the situation to some strange expeculating or confirming my death to someone I care for.

2. When I climb mountains I’m looking for some sort of connection between myself and the mountains. Far from other people and society and the racing world and experience, but something intimate. Announcing a project could lead to have people watching, cheering (on place or virtually ) and would completely break this intimacy I’m looking for while preparing and trying an idea. 

3. Being sincere and egoistic, the least important but also real, when I have an idea I know that the possibility of success is less than 50%, so I need to do some reco’s and tries before have real chances. In most cases nobody notices because is a hidden couloir in Norway or a long ridgeline in the Alps but permits are public in some places. Some ideas ( lines to ski, styles and strategies, connections…) take some time to observe, figure-it out, find conditions and do homework before trying, so I want to keep for me until I can see if I can really do-it before to give the idea to someone to try.