abseiling technique on sugar snow

Some times when we are on mountains we have not the possibility to find a good place for a sure abseiling anchorage. When we have not rocks to place a belay or we have not many equipment we can recourse to other techniques for abseiling or roping down a mate. When is compact snow we can use a ejectable iceaxe VIDEO or a death body VIDEO. but when is soft snow or sugar snow and we can not trust for a belay, we can abseil down a person with only a ice axe following this technique:

– nail the ice axe into the snow vertically.

– put 2 carabiners on the ice axe top hole

– place our foots on the top of the ice axe (with crampons) Attention to put each foot on the iceaxe if we don’t want to lost our procreation capacity! a foot will be on the top of the sheet, the other on the hammer or shovel.

– put the rope from the climber who will go down into the ice axe carabiner, to the harness of climber standing and to the ice axe carabiner again, and holding with the hands, giving rope to take the other climber down.

Captura de pantalla 2015-03-05 a les 12.01.13
Captura de pantalla 2015-03-05 a les 12.02.21