Image Brand model weight more info link
C19A-ALTITUDE_LowRes Petzl Altitude 150gr possible to put with skis
oz-22-ultra-race Cilao OZ 99-150gr
0286-L1 CAMP Alp Racing 92 gr
choucas-light-harness Blue Ice Choucas light 84gr Possible to put with skis
Couloir-Harness-2 Black Diamond Couloir   Possible to put with skis  
bd-ski-pole Black Diamond Helio Fixed lenght   Fix lenght carbon poles  
 1_image_117_1  Omega Pacific Link Cams   multisize Cams
 262164_to_262174_camalot_ultralight_fan_web Black Diamond Ultralight Cams   Ultra light cams
 ul_ice_screw Black Diamond Ultralight Ice Screw   light ice screw
 Captura de pantalla 2018-01-09 a les 21.15.56 Petzl Ultralight Ice screw   light ice screw
 makalu_alpine_tent_simond_8389540_1095487  Simond  Makalu Alpine Tent 1kg light tent 2 persons
 5010582-002_pic2 Mountain Hardwear  Direkt 2  1kg light tent 2 persons
 810151_firstlight_wsbi_web Black Diamond Firstlight Tent  1.5kg  light tent 2 persons
image_4325 Expedition Journal    18L – 320gr  altitude profiles, convert altitude, temperature, calendar, notes…


Image Brand model weight more info link
3665358 ZimmerBuilt CUSTOM. BACKPACK as you want You can decide materials, volume, complements, shape…everything!
220783726079389 Salomon X Alp 20L – 560gr 

30L – 800gr

crampons pocket with zip 

zip on the back, to

skis fixation

2 ice axes fixation
47960_149.fpx Patagonia Ascensionist 25L – 425gr 

35L -907gr

45L -1020gr

 fermature in one mouvement 

fast 2 ice axes fixation
resizeImage Salomon Peak 20 20L – 480 gr light backpack with multipple accesible pockets.
xpe Cilao Xpé 30L – 280gr Ice axe fixation.
custom-22-alpi Cilao Custom 22 Alpi 22L – 400gr Ice axe-skis fixation. 

Captura de pantalla 2014-10-09 a les 12.47.50 Mountain Hardwear SummitRocket 20 Vestpack 20L -340gr compression in fonction of the volume. 

2 ice axes fixation
Alpha-FL-30-Backpack-Black-Comparison Arcterix Alpha FL 30L -575gr 

45L – 650gr
503cab58-166d-4ec4-af82-f1cd4909f00b_18  Dynafit  X7 Pro  20L -340gr
 Dragonfly18_00-1024x1024  Blue Ice Dragonfly  18L – 320gr



Image Brand model weight more info link
U14B-052-Summit-Evo-52_LowRes Petzl Summit Evo 400 gr
screen-shot-2017-01-16-at-6-51-10-pm Petzl Gully 250gr  Technical ice axe
U04A-45-RIDE_LowRes Petzl Ride 290gr
U15-M43-SUMTEC_LowRes Petzl Sum’tech 430 gr
Captura de pantalla 2014-12-28 a les 19.04.24 Grivel G Zero 430gr Carbon – steel
42 CAMP Corsa Nanotech 280gr aluminium with steel top
s_IDOL(1) Ice Rock Idol 190gr Carbon and titanium
Fox_Carving_3242_662x496_img_ori Simond Fox Carving 290gr
 marteau-piolet_naja_light_simond_8349397_157754  Simond  Naja Light  460gr  technical ice axe
 412081_venom_hammer_lft_web  Black Diamond Venom  520gr  technical ice axe
Captura de pantalla 2016-05-31 a les 17.22.52 E-climb Cryo  538gr  technical ice axe
 BCA-Shaxe BCA Shaxe 750gr (classic) 

900gr (technical)

 2 models, tech ice axe and classical.
 31o1hepbr3l-_sx355_ Grivel Ghost 264 gr classical axe
 SONY DSC Elite Climb Kruk 370gr  Technical carbon axe 58cm
 SONY DSC Elite Climb Salamandra 360 -450gr depending blade.  Technical ice axe carbon
 grivel-flame Grivel Flame 235gr  clñassical skimountaineering carbon axe

TIPS: Crampons for running shoes


Image Brand model weight more info link
400032_cyborg_combo_web Black Diamond Cyborg 1.080gr aluminium with 2 steel pointes
t01a-llf-leopard-llf_lowres Petzl Leopard 330gr pair aluminium crampon
T02A-LLU-IRVIS-HYBRID-LLU_LowRes Petzl Irvis Hivrid 540gr. aluminium back-steel front
1441 CAMP XCL Nanotech 1.050gr aluminium with 2 steel tops. Exist in automatic and semiautomatic.
Captura de pantalla 2014-12-28 a les 18.45.34 Grivel Haute Route 1.100gr aluminium back and steel front
tech_crampon_250_2-0_black_hero_1_vector Pro Ski Service Tech Crampon 250gr 4 pontes for ski boots with Dynafit binding system
Captura de pantalla 2016-05-31 a les 16.01.21 Edelrid Beast Lite 680gr aluminium with 2 steel pointes

TIPS : Make an insulated running shoe

Image Brand model weight more info link
FOO_L36826800_S-LAB_X_ALP_CARBON_black_black_Unisex_lo_133378-650x571 salomon X Alp 500gr gore-tex, climbing zone, sling crampons suitable,
images-2 salomon XA Alpine 300gr waterproff, climbing zone, sling crampons suitable,
12485937_931463960236736_6740761443525916823_o Scarpa Atom S
ribelle-2 Scarpa Ribelle
10644192_1011925315520968_2006748312187985923_o Scarpa Neutron G
Crossover_2.0_GTX_black_yellow La Sportiva Crossover 370gr Gore-Tex, big drop
Rapid Guide Pro GTX_black_blue_1000 Garmont Rapid Guide Pro GTX 650gr Semi rigid, semi automatic crampons compatible
1 Tulson Tolf Qubit 140gr light and soft climbing shoe.
Altra_Lone_Peak_Neoshell_Mid_Gray_Yellow_Pair Altra Lone Peak 3.0 Mid neodhell waterproff, large feet
AlpinePro990x660 Dynafit Alpine Pro Goretex 350gr BOA system
ultra-mt-winter-m_small-650x650-2 The North Face Ultra MT Winter 350gr Vibram sole, Gore-tex
 74479_258507  Adidas Terrex Scope 460 gr  Gore tex, climbing zone
 esports_9980390190174 Adidas Terrex X-King  300gr  great grip