Julien Irilli Speed solo paragliding

Julien Irilli, born in Annecy (France) realized a proliferated summer in tha alps. In two months time he leave his marks on the North wall of the Jorasses and Matterhorn and the Supercouloir in Mont Blanc de Tacul, climbing (really fast) in solo and paragliding the descents.

Julien is a polyvalent athlete, climbing and paragliding guide, He climbs 8a with a preference for the long alpine routes, in ice climbing with a M11 grade he has been soloing some 5 and 6 ice routes as Polar Circus in Canada, Fil a Plomb, Carli-Chassagne in Chamonix… In Paragliding he has been France Champion and many times on top 10 on World Cup. He has been also racing on Speed ski world and european championships and racing on ski mountaineering and trail running races.

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4 september, Julien arrives in Zermatt early morning, at 11h30 he is in the foot of the North face. 4h30 after he is in the summit after climbing Schmid route (1100m – TD) Climbing down Hornli ridges he paraglides from Solvay to Zermatt.

here his narrative: http://www.voyages-escalade-parapente.fr/solo-en-face-nord-du-cervin-une-aventure-interieure/

14 september, 9h30 Julien paraglides from Aiguille de Midi, 10h he poses on Leschaux hut, 11h30 he starts climbing on Jorasses North face Colton / MacIntyre. 15H05 he is in Pointe Walker after 3h35 of climbing. at 15h30 he paraglides from the summit, landing on Chamonix at 16h.

here his narrative: http://www.voyages-escalade-parapente.fr/speed-solo-aux-jorasses-en-parapente-recit/

5 october, Julien climbs Supercouloir in Mont Blanc du Tacul (ED,5,5c,800m) in just 4h. 9h30: Aiguille du midi 10h15: starts Supercouloir 11h30: Attack Gervasutti 12h15: begining goulotte 15h: Summit of the route 15h30: summit du Mont Blanc du Tacul 16h30: back in Chamonix.

here his narrative: http://www.voyages-escalade-parapente.fr/speed-solo-parapente-au-supercouloir-du-mont-blanc-du-tacul-ed55c800m-4h/