kilian-steep ski

I discover steep skiing in 2011 by the hand of Stephane Brosse. He take me to do some descents in the Aravis and classics Mont Blanc massif (NNE Courtes, Barbey…) and since then it has been an activity I like to do every now and then.

First descents

23/11/2012:  Epron Migot, Chardonnet, Chamonix with Vivian Bruchez

2013: Guhkesgaisi Face Nord ,Lyngen

2/3/2014: Balggesvarri Face N, Lyngen

2014: Rornestinden Couloir N,Lyngen, Norway

25/12/2015: Variante Col Trident-West Face ,Chardonnet, Chamonix with Vivian Bruchez

1/6/2015: Mont Maudit West Face (towards Grands Mulets), Chamonix with Vivian Bruchez and Seb Montaz

1/4/2015: Kongen East Couloir,Romsdal

2/4/2015: Skiriholgrova couloir, Marstrein Romsdal

14/3/2016: Vire de Lunne ,Chardonnet, Chamonix with Vivian Bruchez

15/3/2016: Pointe Kurtz Veine de Kurtz (Couloir W), Chamonix with Vivian Bruchez

15/4/2016: Sjøboltinden diagonal couloir FN ,Romsdal, Norway

20/4/2016: Grøfonnfjellet  North Couloir, Romsdal, Norway with Ola Hovdenak

29/5/2016: Aiguille de Bionnasay Couloir W, link Dome du Gouter Epron sud Chamonix with Vivian Bruchez

1/9/2016: 7000m summit E of Changtsé W Face, Himalaya with Vivian Bruchez and Seb Montaz

17/2/2018: Trolltindan FIVA, Romsdal, Norway


Some other downhills:

2011: Aiguille Verte Whymper,Chamonix with Lafarge / Fleury

2011: Mont Blanc du Tacul Gervasutti,Chamonix with Lafarge, Fleury

2012: Aiguille de Bionnasay Face N and Dome de Miage Face N Chamonix with Stephane Brosse

20/2/2012: Sishapangma  S face from 7500m, Himalaya with Tosas / Corominas

2012: Traversée des Aravis Stephane Brosse / Matheo Jacquemoud

2013: Festningen  Face S, Lyngen

2013: Forcanada Couloir N, Pirineus with Jordi Tosas

2014: Denali West Rib, Alaska

2014: Denali Rescue Gully, Alaska

2014: Denali  Orient Express, Alaska with Vivian Bruchez

2014: Les Courtes Voie des deux Gavarrou,Chamonix with Vivian / Seb

2014: Mont Blanc du Tacul SW Aiguille du Diable,Chamonix with Vivian Bruchez

2014: Mont Blanc du Tacul Couloir Macho Col Diable,Chamonix with Seb Montaz

2015: Dome de Sache Face Nord, Alps  

2015: Mont Blanc du Tacul Col Diable, Chamonix

2015: Mont Blanc du Tacul Couloir Chere Col Diable,Chamonix with Vivian, Trento, Capozzi

2015: Mont Maudit Arete Kuffner from Androssace, Chamonix

2016: Pointe Yeld Face N, Chamonix with Vivian Bruchez

3/4/2016: Les Courtes Autrichiens (first downhill with no rappel),Chamonix with Alex Lafarge

5/4/2016: Couloirn Cordier Aiguille Verte (variante Chauchefoin) Chamonix with Alex Lafarge

2016: Mont Blanc Arete Peuterey,Chamonix with Vivian Bruchez

Mont Blanc Face West, Chamonix

Aiguille d’Argentière: Couloir Y, Barbey  

Aiguille de Midi: Mallory, Ranchon, Cosmiques, Ouest

Aiguille Verte couloir Couturier

Chardonnet Couloir Sud, Couloir west

Tour Ronde: Couloir Brenva, Face Nord, Gervasutti, Chamonix

Loriaz Grande Diagonale S, Chamonix with Vivian Bruchez

Loriaz Perrons couloir S

Mont Blanc du Tacul Contamine-Mazzeaud,Chamonix  


2013: Store Kjostinden  Face S, Lyngen

2013: Nonstind Kvaloya Couloir, Lyngen

2013: Stortinden Garjegaisi  N Couloir, Lyngen

2013: Trollvasstinden  S Face Couloir, Lyngen

2014: Store Lakselvtinden W ridge Couloir, Lyngen