We’re people, and even for not very social persons, community is important at some degree. Training groups are important to push harder in the trainings. Partners to get where alone we can’t. Mentors to learn and progress. Friends and others athletes from today or yesterday to inspire and make us dream. But mostly is important because we’re humans because we feel emotions, and those often evolve other people.

MOUNTAIN DICTIONARY here are some articles, topos, conversations, essays, quotes or discussions about Mountains.

History of competitions on the mountains

Since 1040, when the king Malcom Canmore organized a Hill Race in Braemar, competitions have been organized in the mountains, from the Alpinism competitions in the URSS to ultra-trails and speed climbing.

History of fast & light mountaineering

Speed has been linked to alpinism from it’s begining. From Alfred Couttet and Henri Bulle to Ueli Steck and Colin Haley