Climbing alone: auto-belay

Is never 100% safe when you speed climb alone but here some techniques to be “safer” when you climb alone and want to have some protection in some meters:

1) 2 daisy or slings. Climb with a harmess with 2 daisy or long slings with one carabinner / cam on each one. On the hard or exposed steeps clip one dasy on the bolts or piton or cam: climb and clip the other higger before unclip the one down.

2) 1 long sling. Take one long sling on the hand, you can envolve the sling around the hand to make shorter. When you arrive to a expose or dificult steep, you can clip the carabinner and when you’re over on a confident place unclip.
climb alone 1
climb alone 2
climb alone 3
3) With a rope. Rope fixed to a belay, pass to you harness with a belay plate (Jul, Reverso…) modified Grigri or similar, a specific device (Soloaid, Soloist, Silent Partner…) or knots system (clove hitch, eight loops).
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