Who is who in Trail Running

In a sport where every week end we think it is a “World Championship” and the misunderstanding of the sport comes from the multiple races at same time we will try to make a map of the different formats and circuits.

We can’t say it is unique Trailrunning world champion or best athlete, same as in cycling where it is a difference between time-trial, one-day “classic” races, Grand Tours… or in athletics it is 100m, 200m, 110m hurdles…marathon… in Trail running they’re different disciplines. So as we can’t put in the same jar Usain Bolt and eliud Kipchoge we can’t do the same for trailrunning athletes and races.

If some years ago it was many circuits who were overcoming each other, today the picture it is a bit more clear, with not many races of same discipline in different circuits / federations.

Few concepts: Short distance: under 20km- middle distance: 20-50km – long distance: 50-100km – Ultra: over 100km / Non technical: not speed decrease by terrain – Technical: speed decrease by terrain

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List of Federations (3)

List of International Circuits (5)

List of Championships (6)


If we take endurance individual sports we can see that around 5% of the time of the 1st (World Best) it is the top elite (the ones who can fight for podium) and arround 10% we can consider elite runners. Here a work table about those in Trail running major races:


ITRA has an algorithm to calculate the best performances:  ITRA POINTS