Altitude Ski descents



In 1964 Fritz Stammberger did the first climb of the the peak done without supplemental oxygen, then skied down from 24,000 feet.) Info


Yuichiro Miura (Japan) made the first ski tracks above 8000m in preparation for his epic schuss starting near the south col of Everest for the film The Man Who Skied Down Everest.[7]


Everest: Jean Afanassi and Nicolas Jaeger (F) 16.10.1978  from 8200 South Col 26.900 – 20.340 ft (8200-6200m


Yves Morin (France) skied off the top of Annapurna in 1979 and over the course of the expedition skied all segments of the descent. However, he died while descending from the summit.[8)


Broad Peak Patrick Valencant from the 25,000 foot (7,620 meters) elevation, but he was 1,400 vertical feet short of the summit on that very early attempt.

Josef Millinger and Peter Wörgötter A 19.5.1981 Manaslu 8163 NE face, AAJ’82/226 Woergoetter and Millinger made the first ski
descent from 30 m below summit.


Gasherbrum 1, first ski descent, July 27 1982, Sylvain Saudan


F 31.7.1984  Gasherbrum 2, first ski descent, 1984, Patrice Bournat & Wim Pasqier. Info Gasherbrum 2 8035 AAJ’85/311: ski and monoski from top to C4(7500m) then on foot: Jacques Demarolle or Frédéric Maurel or P. Glaizes or P. Guedu

Patrice Bournat F 6.8.1984 Gasherbrum 2 8035 AAJ’85/311:3 days ski normal route descent to BC, 10m serac

Wim Pasquier CH 6.8.1984 Gasherbrum 2 8035 AAJ’85/311, 3 days ski normal route descent to BC, 10m serac rappel


Peter Wörgötter A 10.5.1985 Sisha Pangma 8027 NE face; Doris Oeller Loferer Straße 40 A- 5760 Saalfelden

Oswald Gassler A 10.5.1985 Sisha Pangma 8027 AAJ’86/299 Shisha Pangma, ski descent, 1985, Oswald Gassler & Peter Wörgötter. (Was this the first ski descent? Did they go from the true summit? Word is they went from the central summit. The central slightly lower, summit is frequently climbed and has been skied a number of times since probably 1987 when it’s said that Jerzy Kukuczka skied the peak. The 8027 meter main summit is separated by a one hour climb on a knife ridge and there are serious doubts about if anyone has really negotiated this on skis.

Tierry Renard 40 F 31.7.1985 Gasherbrum 2 8035 ski descent two days of S Face from top to 5400m AAJ’86/273+274,born 12.Nov.1945


Makalu, skied from 7,500 meters by Hans Kammerlander


Mark Whetu NZ 20.5.1987 Sisha Pangma 8027 AAJ’88/279l:from

13 Jerzy Kukuczka PL 24.9.1987 Sisha Pangma 8027 from main summit AAJ’88/279:


Flavio Spazzadeschi and Lino Zani (I) 1.5.1988 Cho Oyu 8201 no skiing mentioned, NVS’92/160 ?? AAJ’89/283 Cho Oyu, first ski descent, 1988, Flavio Spazzadeschi & Lino Zani (This may not have been the first summit descent, but the first ski descent of Cho was no doubt done fairly early in ski descent history


Henri Albet F xx.6.1988 Gasherbrum 2 8035 normal route snowboard from top to 7000m where he

Pascal Hittenger F xx.6.1988 Gasherbrum 2 8025 Hittinger?;normal route monoski to 7000m then on

Giorgio Daidola I 6.9.1988 Sisha Pangma 8027 AAJ’89/287: nordic skis (telemark)!?

Pino Negri I 6.9.1988 Sisha Pangma 8027 AAJ’89/287: nordic skis (telemark)!?

Veronique Perillat (France) was the first woman to ski from the top of an 8000er and the first woman to ski from over 8000 meters, skiing off the top of Cho Oyu on a monoski.[11]

Bruno Gouvy F 12.9.1988 Cho Oyu 8150 Standard Route – High 163/033 – snowboardAAJ’89/

Erik Decamp F 12.9.1988 Cho Oyu 8201 Standard Route – High 163/033 -ski

Michel Vincent F 12.9.1988 Cho Oyu 8201 Standard Route – High 163/033 -ski


Bruno Gouvy F 1989?? Everest ~8000


Hans Kammerlander and Diego Wellig 33 I 1.7.1990 Nanga Parbat ~8000 AAJ’91/277; 01.07.90 – 100 m below top – Diamir – to BC. Nanga Parbat, ski descent, 1990, Hans Kammerlander & Diego Wellig. (Skied from about 100 feet below the top


Sisha Pangma 8013 several people; AAJ’93/292;Post-Monsoon

Pierre Tardivel 30 F 27.9.1992 Everest 8770 YES
from South Summit; his book: Memoires de plein pente,Publialp,Grenoble,1997:beneath the South Pk. Normal route


Broad Peak, ski descent west face, Hans Kammerlander. (By some accounts Kammerlander skied most of the way from top to 4800 meters elevation, but by other accounts he skied the peak FROM 7,000 meters


Andrej Karničar 25 SI 29.4.1995 Annapurna 8091 NO First descent from top to BC in the same day

Davorin Karničar 33 SI 29.4.1995 Annapurna 8091 NO First descent from top to BC in the same day

Iztok Tomazin 35 SI 5.7.1995 Gasherbrum 1 8068 NO Ski descent from top to

Marko Čar 25 SI 5.7.1995 Gasherbrum 1 8068 NO Snowboard descent from top to

Branimir Šeparović 45 HR 25.9.1995 Cho Oyu 8201 NO from top to C2 (…. m).


Hans Kammerlander 39 I 24.5.1996 Everest 8848 NO N face from top 300m,1000m by foot, the rest with the ski to BC ?!  Hans Kammerlander skied down the north side in May 1996, but his descent was from 7800m and not complete

Dominique Perret 34 CH xx.07.1996 Everest 8450 NO Ski descent from 8450m via the North Face and Hornbein couloir on the Tibetan side –;

Jean Troillet CH xx.07.1996 Everest 8450 NO Snowboard descent from 8450m via the North Face and Hornbein couloir on the Tibetan side –


Jordi Tosas E 27.9.1997
Everest ~8000
Snowboard descent from ?? to North Col(Chang La) to west Rongbuk Glacier;;+3407262504


Kangchenjunga Hans Kammerlander skied from 7,600 meters


Stefan Gratt 28 A xx.xx.1999 Cho Oyu 8201 NO Snowboard two days descent from peak


Jordi Tosas 31 E 17.5.2000 Cho Oyu 8201 NO snowboard descent;two abseil;

Mike and Steve Marolt 35 USA 21.5.2000 Sisha Pangma 8012
NO Central 

Luara Bokas USA 24.9.2000 Cho Oyu 8201 NO Women two days ski descent

Marco Siffredi 22 F xx.xx.2000 Cho Oyu 8201 Snowboard descent

Everest Davorin Karničar 38 SI 7.10.2000 Everest 8850 YES Normal route from top to BC in 4.30 hours. Info & Karnicar article  ;


Stefan Gratt 30 A 22.5.2001 Everest 8850 first snowboard two days descent from peak till rock stage then on foot to 7600m

Marc Siffredi 23 F 24.5.2001 Everest 8850 snowboard  from peak on north face (norton) –

Hans Kammerlander 45 I 22.7.2001 K2 8611 skied only first 400m then by foot K2. The Italian Hans Kammerlander skied from the summit of K2 in 2001. Bad conditions made him abort his ski descent after only 300 meters. Kammerlander climbed K2 without suplementary oxygen:

Viki Grošelj 48 SI 10.10.2001 Cho Oyu 8201 NO
ski descent from top to BC, overnight in


Kristoffer Erickson USA 1.10.2002 Cho Oyu 8201 YES


Brice Lequertier, qui a ski l’Everest quasiment du sommet en 2003.




Everest Kit DesLauriers and Jimmy Chin (United States) Kit was the first woman to ski off the top of Everest.[8]

Everest Great couloir was later skied by Norwegian Tormod Granheim, Tomas Olsson’s mate. After Thomas fell. Tormod descended the couloir and then traversed to the North Col.

Tomas Olsson perished in the Norton about two hours after he and Tormod summited the mountain on May 16, 2006. Like Marco, Tomas also felt very tired on the summit. In a call from the top, they had reported a very hard climb up in a 14 hour push through a snow storm. “I hope we will be strong enough to ski down the north face,” Tomas had said.

Tormod said that Tomas probably felt rushed, and fell when rappelling down a 150 ft rock cliff at around 8500 meters. The snow anchor broke off and Tomas is believed to have been knocked unconscious in the fall, continuing to slide down the wall.


Lohtse, highest descent to date, 2007, Jamie Laidlaw. (None of the Lohtse descents look like what we’d call a first descent of the peak.) Info


Luis Stitzinger climbed Nanga Parbat as a guide via Kinshofer route. He climbed until Manzeno Peak, descended via Messner route on the Diamir wall and later made a speed climb up the Kinshofer route, had to abort short from summit but skied down the whole Diamir face in a 24,5 hours roundtrip.

Stitzinger returns following his remarkable ski-descent of Nanga Parbat last summer. Before his current Baruntse (7,220 metres/23,688 ft) expedition; Ben Clark of Telluride, Colo, made a ski-descent attempt on Annapurna IV (7,525 m) last spring.

Fredrik Ericsson and Norwegian Jörgen Aamot aimed for the first ever ski descent of Kangchenjunga. The attempt was aborted due to severe conditions, with the two skiing the steep and avalanche-prone slopes from 7,000 to 5,500 meters. Fredrik Ericsson has made ski-descents from Shisha Pangma (central summit), Dhaulagiri (from 8 000 to 4 700 meters) and G2 (8 035 m) in Pakistan.


German Luis Stitzinger aims for a complete ski-descent of Dhaulagiri.

Dhaulagiri, David Fojtik. (Started 20 meters below summit and did not ski a possibly skiable section between 7200 – 6700 meters, so perhaps Dhaulagiri still waits for a true ski descent.) Info

K2 was sort of skied this summer by Dave Watson.


Adrian Ballinger ski from Manaslu summit