mtnath is a open source web with informations related to mountaineering endurance sports such as alpinism, ski mountaineering, trail running or speed climbing.


I’m a geek of data, training and history. I also race and climb. you can find my best results and activities here

I studied Sports science at STAPS Font Romeu, and I’ve been lucky to learn from many physiologists, medical doctors, physiotherapist, psychologists, etc.

Even if I have been self-coached most of my career, the coaches and advisors I’ve worked with over the years have been key on building the foundations of my training as well as taking me to be able to perform to that level. I couldn’t but thank all of them:

  • Maite Hernandez
  • Jordi Canals
  • Jean-Louis Bal
  • Jesus Álvarez-Herms
  • Daniel Brotons
  • Enric Subirats

If you want to know a bit more about me and my training philosophy you can watch/listen to some of this conversations:

Podcast with Scott Johnston: https://podcasts.apple.com/no/podcast/evokecast/id1652132598?i=1000593889861