FKT and speed ascents

Vertical Kilometer Best Times

 Performances by elevation / altitude / dificulty (best performances by altitude, technical dificulty…)

 Cronology of fast ascents / Link Ups / Races / FKT (table)

Calculation of Performance in Trail Running (table)



Training table (excel)

Uphill Pace Calculator

Expeditions / projects planning (budget, equipment, activity table)

 GEAR (Inventory, weight and calories counting)

Skimo & Steep ski

 Ski descents in Altitude (table)

 Cronology of steep skiing (table)

 Ski Resorts policies and skimo tracks (table)

Trail running

 Trail running technical label (pdf)

Elite athletes % on races (table)

Vertical Kilometer Best Times


 Experdition Planning (table)

 Expedition Pharmacy 


 Acclimatization Everest 2017 Kilian Jornet (doc)

 Training Characteristics of Kilian Jornet (pdf)

Le ski de montagne de Competition (pdf)