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📥 RACE PLANNING (fuel and fluid, timetable)

 📥 GEAR (Inventory, weight and calories counting)

Carbon footprint calculator


Training and Physiology for Mountain Sports

Training and Physiology for Endurance Sports


Technique / Manuals

Medicine / First Aid



















Alpkit Foundation Cash support to help individuals, schools and organisations overcome obstacles that prevent them from Going Nice Places and Doing Good Things.  Check out details here.

Alpine Club The Montane Alpine Club grants are available twice a year for both official Alpine Club expeditions and independent expeditions with one or more aspirant/full AC members taking part.   Grants range from £575 to £1725 per expeditions. Check out details here

Alpine Ski Club The Kenneth Smith scholarship and the Memorial Adventure Fund Available to ski mountaineers in support of exploratory expeditions, attending advanced courses or conducting related research. Average grant: up to £600.
Full details, application form and contact details are here:

American Alpine Club There are a range of different grants set out on the American Alpine Club grants page. Check them out here

Andrew Croft Memorial Fund The Fund’s objectives are:Supporting the advancement and education of young people by the provision of grants in support of Arctic expeditions. Assisting Her Majesty’s Constabulary with grants towards the cost of further education and training aimed at enhancing their effectiveness in the community. Check them out here

Andy Fanshawe Memorial Trust If you are under 26 and lack funding for a climbing expedition or other outdoor initiative, then you could qualify for a grant from the Andy Fanshawe Memorial Trust. The Trust could also help fund your place on a training course provided your primary reason for attending it is for personal development rather than professional qualifications. Maximum grant of £500.

The Adventure Fund An annual grant established to support individuals or groups who display a creative and innovative approach towards adventurous travel and expeditioning. Email:

FKT Grant, Ultimate Direction/La Sportiva/Gu Four grants of $1,000 each, plus gear. FKT stands for fastest known time, so… more info here

Bill Wallace Grant Set up by the John Muir Trust in memory of Bill Wallace, the grant is designed to support expeditions that combine adventure and conservation of wild places. Webpage:

BMC For more information on BMC grant support for Expeditions click hereFor information on BMC Research Grants click here.

Cam and Bear Fund for Adventure In memory of the ultimate outdoorsman, Andrew Foster, our aim is to provide disadvantaged young people more opportunities to experience the types of outdoor activities that Andrew loved. The Fund provides grants to young people from England and Wales between age 12 and 18. Grants are awarded to individuals to help them undertake courses, qualifications, go on expeditions and buy equipment needed to participate in an adventure sport. The Fund supports a range of adventure activities including (but not limited to!) climbing, mountaineering, skiing and hiking. The Fund aims to help people who may not be in a financial situation to participate in these activities otherwise. For more details and to apply visit our website

Captain Scott Society The Captain Scott Society Awards are granted to assist individuals or groups to undertake adventurous expeditions and endeavours. There are two awards. One is for people attempting adventourous “firsts”. The other is specifically for young people age 11 to 19. Check out their webpage here.

The Crux Expedition Award An opportunity for today’s young climbers to win £1000 in cash and £2000 worth of crux equipment for use on an outstanding mountaineering objective. Deadline for applications is 31 January. Check out the Crux website here

DMM DMM can support trips with equipment rather than money. Check out their requirements here.

Eagle Ski Club A range of grants available with the focus being ski touring and ski mountaineering, often for younger people. Full information and application procedures are here

Horizon Lectures Adventure Fund To encourage and enable people to undertake their own adventurous trips, ideas and expeditions.  Applications are welcomed from all walks of life and all sorts of ideas will be considered – from expeditions in far-flung destinations to local adventures in the UK.  More details here

Janapar Grant The aim of the grant is to promote journeys that involve immersion in unfamiliar places, cultures and ideas.  Available to UK residents between the ages of 18-25 who intend to spend a minimum of 6 months travelling abroad. Website:

Jeremy Willson Charitable Trust (JWCT) The charity helps people and projects that reflect Jeremy’s passions in life: athletics, geology, adventure and the environment. The trust also provides one or more mountaineering grants on an annual basis to those applying for expedition grants from the BMC. Further information on the Jeremy Willson Mountain Exploration Grant. Website:

Jack Bloor Fund Set up by the Jack Bloor Trustees in memory of Jack Bloor, who was a former member of the BMC from Yorkshire and who made many first ascents in Yorkshire and the Lake District. Grants are available to young people under 26, who want to improve their skills in the outdoors or to help with training for rock climbing competitions. Grants are available all year round to people who live in Yorkshire and belong to the BMC. Up to 50% of the total cost is available up to a maximum of £300. Further information about the Jack Bloor Fund.

Journey of a Lifetime Award The award offers a £5,000 grant for an original and inspiring journey anywhere in the world.The award is a collaboration between the RGS and the BBC to support informed travel and learning, through experience rather than scientific research, and to discover new radio talent. The outcome of each of journey is a BBC Radio 4 travel documentary. The recipient will receive training in radio broadcasting from the BBC and will record their experiences for a BBC Radio 4 documentary.  Deadline: 10 November.  Find out more here

Julie Tullis Memorial Award A small grant to assist deserving female mountaineers or any disabled climbers or mountaineers, both male and female, to achieve their climbing or mountaineering ambitions. Applications for the Julie Tullis Memorial Award can be made via the BMC Expedition Grant form, and should include a short covering note explaining how the project fits the award criteria. The BMC will consider applications from individual British females, or a female expedition, with an interesting mountaineering goal. Also welcomed are applications from male or female disabled climbers with a specific climbing or mountaineering goal for the year in question. Further information about the Julie Tullis Memorial Award.

Female First Ascent Award An award set up by GRIT&ROCK to promote female first ascents. The award will fund a female-led expedition team up to the amount of GBP5,000. The aims of the annually awarded FIRST ASCENT EXPEDITION GRANT is to promote and encourage female participation in pioneering alpine ascents. The Award is open to individuals and climbing teams with majority female participation and is meant to provide funding for those who need it most. Further information about the First Ascent Award.

Alison Chadwick Award for Women The Alison Chadwick Memorial Award is a financial award made to either a female mountaineer or an all female expedition. Further information about the Alison Chadwick Award.

Mount Everest Foundation The MEF encourages mountaineering expeditions to unexplored mountain regions, as well as education and research projects in a wide range of subjects, including geography, geology, medical research and biology. Expeditions must have a strong exploratory element to be deemed eligible for support. Expeditions planning geographical exploration, first ascent, or major new routes on high and remote mountains are likely to qualify. Normally the MEF will only support expeditions where the majority of members are from the UK or New Zealand. Grants will be given on a basis of proven need, and range from £1500 to many tens of thousands for expeditions to extremely remote and logistically expensive areas. The deadlines for receipt of completed applications are bi-annually on the 30th September and 31st January. The MEF also administer the Alison Chadwick Memorial Grant “to further British and Polish women’s mountaineering in the greater ranges”. Find out more

Next Challenge Expedition Grant Small grants for independent trips. Website:

Nick Estcourt Award Expeditions attempting an objective of mountaineering significance. This might be a previously unclimbed face, ridge or summit or a repeat of an existing route in more challenging style or conditions. Applications are considered solely in terms of their mountaineering merit; other objectives are not taken into account. Average grant: £1,000.Find out more here.

Plas y Brenin awards There are a wide range of award and bursaries available through Plas y Brenin. You will need to read each one to see whether you meet the criteria or not. Check them out here.

The RDC Foundation The RDC Foundation will consider applications from individuals under 21 years of age, for up to £1,000, so they can contribute to life-changing adventurous activities for which they have been heavily involved in planning. Grants of up to £1,000 are also available to charitable organisations for the provision of relevant equipment to support adventurous activities of young people. For example (not exhaustive) the purchase of tents for camping, climbing equipment and backwoods equipment. Apply by email here

Ron Pickering Memorial Fund Grant are available to both able and disability athletes between the ages of 15 and 23.  Grants to athletes over 23 may be made in exceptional circumstances.
Details and how to apply are here

Shipton/Tilman Grant For endeavors that demonstrate the exploration philosophy of Shipton and Tilman – small, lighweight and innovative. Website: Postal address:W.L. Gore & Associates, Inc.

The Chris Walker Memorial Trust Welcomes applications from aspiring Greater Ranges climbers who need help to fund expeditions with the objective of establishing new routes, repeating rarely attempted lines, or visiting unexplored areas. The Trust will also provide assistance to candidates who are undertaking the British Mountain Guide scheme. Website:

Young Explorers Trust Expeditions with most members below 20 years old (not usually undergraduate expeditions) involved in discovery and exploration in remote areas. Aims can include community projects, fieldwork and/or physical adventure (climbing/sailing etc.). New groups and ones with disadvantaged members are encouraged to apply.  Average grant: £100 – £500 or equipment bursaries. Website:

Live Your Dream Grant The Live Your Dream Grant is designed for “every-day adventurers” with an objective, in any climbing discipline, that represents a personal challenge and stretches the outer bounds of the climber’s technical ability.

Cutting Edge Grant The Cutting Edge Grant is intended to fund highly experienced and advanced athletes on cutting-edge objectives in climbing and mountaineering.

Mountaineering Fellowship Grant The Mountaineering Fellowship Grant funds young climbers—under the age of 25—on climbs that push the limits of their skills and experience.

Jones Backcountry Adventure Grants The Jones Backcountry Adventure Grant is designed to fund an adventurous multi-day splitboarding expedition; the grant offers finances to the recipient as well as a splitboard, skins, and backpack. The Jones Live Like Liz Award has the same criteria but is only open to women.

Copp-Dash Inspire Award The Copp-Dash Inspire Award is designed for small teams looking to document and share their mountain climbing expeditions in distant regions through multimedia storytelling.

Zack Martin Breaking Barriers Grant The Zack Martin Breaking Barriers Grant is a dual-purpose grant designed to fund a primary humanitarian objective and a secondary climbing-related adventure objective.

The McNeill-Nott Award The McNeill-Nott Award is for small, lightweight teams of amateur climbers pursuing projects of an exploratory nature, on unclimbed routes or peaks.

Cornerstone Conservation Grant The Cornerstone Conservation Grant funds projects by organizations or individuals with the goal of protecting, conserving, and improving climbing resources within the United States.

AAC Research Grants AAC Research Grants fund scientific research projects in mountain regions, with the goal of contributing to our knowledge of mountain ecosystems around the world and enriching our understanding of climber impacts on the environment.

Climbing Conservation Grant Access Fund Climbing Conservation Grants are given to organizations and individuals pursuing projects that “preserve or enhance climbing access and opportunities and conserve the climbing environment throughout the US.”

Anchor Replacement Fund Run jointly by the Access Fund and the American Alpine Club, the Anchor Replacement Fund supports groups in the United States working to replace bolts or fixed anchors on previously established routes, with respect for local history and ethics.