Romsdal 7 summits on skis

On April 6th I finished a project I had in my bucket list for the last 7 years since we moved to Romsdal. Linking up the called “7 topper- 7 summits” of Romsdal: Juratind, Store Vengetind, Kvandalstind, Romsdalshorn, Store Trolltind, Kongen and Dronninga with skis. The route is exciting because involves a endurance challenge, some…

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Training for long and short trail running.

My 2022 season Training and Racing The goal of this season was to perform well in short and long trail running races within a few weeks. For that I chose to participate at the 2 short races I believe are most competitive (Zegama and Sierre Zinal) and the 2 long ones that would offer the…

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This article was featured in Kiss The Snow magazine (spanish) The evolution in any sport has been since long ago a search for the most, the fastest, the most difficult, the highest, the farthest… and extreme skiing has not escaped from this either. Alpine skiing is the conjecture of 2 activities, skiing where from long ago speed…

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