FKT and Speed Ascents

The notion of record in the mountains is not correct. Because conditions make a big difference and also the style or support is different in every case, it is more accurate to talk about FKT (Fastest Known Time). And even then is not really possible to compare with the same bar 2 activities in the same route, but it is interessting on seing how fast someone can go in a particular terrain with some conditions and support. Here is a recollection of Mountain FKT’s. It is important to understand the differences of the FKT by conditions or style . Search for a mountain, route or athlete.

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Add a new summit, traverse or link-up FKT

Vertical Kilometer Best Performances

Mountaineering and Altitude Performances (altitude/dificulty/distance)

look at FASTESTKNOWNTIME.COM for trail running FKT’s 

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