Romsdal Round

A running or climbing journey around Romsdalsfjorden, in the norwegian west cost.

This is not a race. Anyone may do the round at any time of year, and these records will be recognized. The object is to discover Romsdal region, support local economy and do a challenge in the mountains. There are two different routes, one for trail runners and one for climbers.

Runner’s round

This is a round following the valleys around the fjord. The route is around 160 km with 11.000 m of climb. This route involves several technical and off trail sections.

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The runners round is a traverse of the mountain ranges around Romsdalsfjorden. From west to east it circumvallate Måndalen linking its numerous lakes (following most of the Moonvalley Run Festival 17 lakes, wich we recomend you to do before to get a taste of the terrain). From Innfjorden it crosses to Trollstigen in a wild valley between Finnan and the Doronninga-Kongen range, before going down to Åndalsnes. From there it follows the classical Romsdalseggen to Vengedalen. After going to the end of the valley it gets wild linking the big lakes on the hight country between Vengetind and Juratind ranges. From there it follows part of the Romsdalstien trail and the Lofkarsetra ridge down to Isfjorden.

This route involves several off trail and technical sections with great exposure, and therefore we recomend to the runners to familiarize with the terrain before attempting the round. You can join local races like the Moonvalley Run Festival, Romsdalseggenløpet, to get a taste of the area.

Climber’s round

This is a link-up following the skyline around the fjord. You can choose your own route between the summits, but the most practical routes have been estimated to be 169 km with 20.000 m of climb.

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The climbers round is a link up of 48 summits: Måndalen-Kaltinden-Grøntinden-Prosten-Svartevastinden-Trolltinden-Seskknuben-Ospetind-Geitemjolk-Sandfjellet-Kvasstinden-Storbua-Månnvastinden-Trollvasstinden S-Center-N – Littefjellet-Måsvasstinden-Nonstind-Middagstind-Kinatinden-Skjervan-Innfjorden-Gjeredskollen-Gråfonfjellet-Smorbottstinden-Finnan-Dronninga-Kongen-Bispen-Trollstigen-Trolltindan pinacles-Trollklorn-åndalsnes-Mjølvafjellet-Blånebba-Romsdalshorn-Litte romsdalshorn- Olaskrastinden-Kalskråtinden-Kvandalstind-Venjetinden-Litte Venjetind-Store Venjetind-Hauduken-Hoemtinden-Juratind-Nyeitinden-Kjovskarstinden-Kirkjetaket-Klauva-Isfjorden

This route involves several climbing sections with grade IV or V and therefore we recomend to bring technical gear to rope up and belay and to do it in teams. We recomend the climbers to familiarize with the terrain before the link up. You can find information about the different climbing routes in the books “Climbs, Scrambles and Walks in Romsdal” or “Klatring i Romsdal


No entry fee is charged. We encourage you to spend some money on the area to support local economy. If you have completed the route you can send the details (your name, date, time and link to report file) at

The Rules

  1. No course markings may be used
  2. Don’t leave anything
  3. Respect the ecosystems and other people and animals in the mountains.
  4. No use of mechanical aid.
  5. You should carry all the gear used during all the round. 
  6. It’s plenty of water in the rivers and lakes, and we don’t known anyone getting sick drinking from them. You should carry all your food and refil only at the road crossings ( Innfjorden, Trollstigen, Åndalsnes)
  7. You’re under your own responsibility. The route is technical and might be risky. It’s important to recall that in case of accident, mountain rescue might spend several hours to reach you due to remoteness and lack of coverage, that in good weather conditions.
  8. You can take any direction (Isfjorden-Måndalen or Måndalen-Isfjorden)
  9. The time limit for an official finish in the runner’s round is 48 hours. There’s no limit of time for the climber’s route but it must be done in one push (you can sleep on the mountain hats, villages or bivi during the route) 
  10. Enjoy, don’t whine and stay safe.

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