Kilian Jornet’s Training

Training it has been and it is my main occupation. I love to workout and to be pushing my body and discovering his limits, to be able to race or do projects in the mountains on my best possible level.

I started training “seriously” when I was 13 years old. Before that, I had been doing activities and training mostly on the weekends (long days in the mountains) on holidays (some long hikes and summits) and during the week (cross-country ski 2-4 times/week in winter, running 2-4 times a week in summer). At 13 years old I enter to CTEMC (Centre Tecnificació Esqui de Muntanya de Catalunya) and start training on a regular basis, with a plan and a coach who give me the training plans to follow. At 17 years old I started to do my training plans and since I have been training by myself. During the period 2002 to 2017 I have competed in 413 races ( 265 in Ski Mountaineering – 107 Individual, 71 Team Races, 72 Vertical Races, 10 sprint or relays) and 153 in Trail Running (81 Sky Races or up to marathon distance, 32 Ultra Trails, and 40 Vertical Kilometers).

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Here it is an extensive summary of the training characteristics since I started training until 2018 (30 years old). Day-to-day training diary data and physiological tests were analyzed. Training data was systemized by training form (endurance, strength, and speed), intensity (low, moderate, and high-intensity), and mode (running, cycling, skiing, roll skiing, climbing and others). The Periodization phases, the specific sessions utilized, the training camps in altitude, the tapering for races and the day to day training. Following a 17-year linear increase in training load, the annual training volume during the last 7 years is stabilized between 1000 and 1200 h, distributed across 400 ± 20 sessions. 90% of that is in endurance training, the 10% resting strength and speed training.

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