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Cronology of significant descents

Ski descents in Altitude

Skimo itineraires in ski resorts



This article was featured in Kiss The Snow magazine (spanish) The evolution in any sport has been since long ago a search for the most, the fastest, the most difficult, the highest, the farthest… and extreme skiing has not escaped from this either. Alpine skiing is the conjecture of 2 activities, skiing where from long ago speed…

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This article was featured in Kiss The Snow magazine (spanish) In the past articles, I have analyzed skiing from its steepest angle. For those of us who like ski-mountaineering and who look at it with eyes that have seen more ski-ropes than ski-doors, when we think of skiing we think of this sliding on steep faces. But…

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hight ski

This article was featured in Kiss The Snow magazine (spanish) I remember that cover like it was yesterday. A skier with his legs open like an Olympic gymnast to keep both skis in contact with the snow such was the slope. I was just a teenager who spent the long, boring winter afternoons looking for the warmth…

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Steep Ski Pioneers

This article was featured in Kiss The Snow magazine (spanish) 4 pairs of skis, leather boots and fifty degrees. “Not the height but the precipice is terrible,” said Frederich Nietzsche. Some people undoubtedly find pleasure in the terrible, and even make it a necessity to live. You can practice more or less absurd activities to look for…

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